Module 1: Ideation

Building your brand online can seem overwhelming, but with the right approach to ideation you begin a sustainable approach to growth. This process will begin with a foundational understanding of yourself, your talents and skills, your passions and interests and where those intersect to provide you a roadmap on how you can best serve the needs of others.

Module 2: Foundation

Creating a brand is so much more than just a name and a logo. It is a mantra, a feeling, an identity that leaves an imprint on those who connect with it. This module will show you how to build the right foundation to support your business.

Module 3: Offer

Thus far you have chosen an idea, developed your mantra, named and branded your idea and even crafted an origin story. Now it is time to turn your idea into a specific offer. We cannot purchase your idea unless we known what it does, how it will do it and what it will cost for us to invest in it.

Module 4: The Client

We will be answering the question of who specifically is all of this work for? We are not doing all of this work for no one. The key to this module is in the specifics, not in the generalization.

Module 5: Construction

We are now going to being with the construction of your project so you can soon take it to market. With the right plan in place, you will be able to launch your idea with more confidence and clarity. The most valuable asset you can hone in on during this module will be resourcefulness. It is time to establish all of the logistics and get them accomplished so you can move forward with your business.

Module 6: Marketing

It is time to answer how you will reach your prospects and once you do, how will you convert them into paying clients? By the end of this section you will have developed your overall marketing strategy to implement in your business launch. If you could get 10% better at marketing, you can expect to have exponential results in your business.

Module 7: Nurturing

An immutable rule in marketing is that clients do not purchase when you want them to, they purchase only when they themselves are ready to. They have to know why you matter to them, what you can do for them and why you are the best person to help them. We have earned their awareness, now we must keep their attention. This is done, primarily, through nurturing.

Module 8: Pilot Launch

After careful planning you are nearly ready to take your idea to the world. The time is now to activate all of the elements. You are going to learn everything you need to know about marketing, testing and showing up in the battlefield! The best time to get your offer out in the world and see what happens is before you feel totally confident.

Module 9: Sales

The reason we invested so much time and energy into establishing the right, unique platform, targeting the appropriate audience, building trust and rapport by adding value to their lives and building effective relationships with our prospective clients is because by the time they land on our sales pages or they jump on intake calls with us, they are already 80% committed to purchasing from you.

Module 10: Scaling

As you learn more about the responses to your launch, your job is to take note of the most important metrics and then take action on what you learned. You must objectively evaluate your launch and be honest with yourself about how it is working.